Penny graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design and Central Saint Martins and quickly established himself within the urban art scene in London. He has since received global critical acclaim for his hand cut, extremely detailed stencil artwork.

Penny jokes that he used to be a neurosurgeon that now uses his talent with a scalpel to cut holes in paper, and it's easy to see how this could be be true – the precision and detail in his artwork is requisite to that of skilled surgeon. 

Penny finds inspiration in everyday objects and often overlooked ephemera but money is the most prominent recurring theme in his work, which he regards as "representative of a sinister voyeur, an omnipresent force watching over its subjects".

Through his choices of the objects he paints on and interacts with, as well as his techniques, he brings the subversive ideas behind street art to a different kind of public property: the type that can fit in your wallet.


Her Margestry is a Screen Print by contemporary artist Penny. This print is Signed and Numbered by the...